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Simple, Affordable Employee Licence and Certification Management

Remove busy-work from your compliance processes by automating the collection and monitoring of employee licences and certifications. Employees can complete from their own device eliminating paper, emails and text messages.

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Managing your teams' licences
and certifications shouldn't be so hard

If you are looking for a way to

Collect and save copies of employee licences and certificates

Track licence expiry dates

Reduce the risks associated with business compliance

Ensure every team member is qualified to do their job

With Canyou you can

Does this sound familiar?

Searching for the right HR system
is a daunting task

Lady checking licences

HR apps can be complex, expensive or a combination of both

You need to spend hours learning how to use it

Setup time can be weeks if not months

You only want certain features but have to pay for the whole package

Which means you fall back to
email, SMS and manual processes...

You're constantly going back and forth with email and sms chasing the docs the business needs from the team

You're still unsure which team members hold certain certifications

You manually need to organise team profiles in cloud storage (or worse the filing cabinet)

Onboarding new team members is time consuming

When compliance requirements change you have to make requests to the team one by one

SMS email conversation

...And try keep that spreadsheet
up to date


You have a spreadsheet for when licences expire but it's hard keeping it up to date

You need to manually check the spreadsheet to check when items need to be actioned

The simple and affordable solution

Automated collection and monitoring of employee licences and certifications to ensure the business stays compliant

Smart workflows

Smart workflows to collect what is needed

No more paper, emails, sms or spreadsheets

Simply assign team licence and certification requirements and Canyou will collect what is needed.

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Licence certification dashboard
Licence certification assignment

Business compliance dashboard

Real time monitoring

Review your team member status instantly to make sure the team is always ready to work and the business is safe.

Notification and reminders

Automated notifications and reminders

Never let a licence expire ever again

Notifications and reminders get sent to the team when licences are falling due. No more more manual checking of spreadsheets.

Digital licence submission

Digital submission from the employees device

Conveniently submit whats needed

Digital completion via the employees device with automatic validations.

QR code for employees
Scan QR code from employee device

Easy for everyone

QR-Code access - Passwordless login

No passwords required. Scan a QR code to get started or be invited by the business administrator.

Benefits our customers love


Easy setup

Setup in 10 minutes and avoid costly implementations. Canyou integrates with your existing systems so you can keep using your existing payroll and time systems.


Easy for the team

Team members use Canyou from their own device. Set reminders with Canyou to send instant notifications when the team needs to interact.


Everything in one spot

Canyou is the single place for your team to keep track of the status of training, compliance and operations tasks


Reminders and notifications

Setup reminders and notifications to keep track of important dates like licence expiries or annual pay reviews. Notifications get sent out to the team members to make sure you never miss anything


Safe and secure

Transfer sensitive data safely and securely. No more data leak risks through emails and text messages

What our customers say

Site inductions are so easy now. I never have to stop work. I just ask the subbie to scan the QR code and Canyou does the rest.

Victory Homes

I signed up on the day and it took me about 10 minutes to setup the business. I onboarded 17 staff in one day. I can’t believe how easy this was.

Megz's Bookkeeping

Now I’m confident my staff are job-ready and up to date with our latest business information.

The Food Forum

Simple affordable plans

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Add 2 users per month

Unlimited use of all features

  • Employee onboarding
  • Client / supplier onboarding
  • Identity verification
  • Licence & cert management

1 admin team member

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Small - Medium Business

$30 / month


1 x single business

Unlimited use of all features

  • Employee onboarding
  • Client / supplier onboarding
  • Identity verification
  • Licence & cert management
  • Australian support 🇦🇺
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BookkeepersHR ConsultantsAccountants

$39 / month



Everything in Business plan

  • Unlimited businesses

10 admin team members

$3.90 per extra admin

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All prices include GST

All plans include unlimited

  • Employees
  • Customers / clients
  • Suppliers
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document capture
  • Licences & certifications
  • Custom forms
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Videos
  • Document storage
  • Workflows

Cancel any time

We never lock you in. We also make it easy to get your data out of Canyou when you are ready to leave.

Easy Setup

Business setup takes around 10 minutes. Plus we have live support to get you up and running asap.

Safe and private

We respect your privacy and don't sell your data to anyone. Our security and data policies can be found on our support page.

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